Lidge on Papelbon addition: ‘Great pickup'


Even though he is no longer a Phillie, Brad Lidge has spent the off-season working out at Citizens Bank Park.

The free-agent reliever is hoping it remains his place of employment for the 2012 season.

No doors are closed, the soon-to-be 35-year-old righthander said in an interview with CSNs John Boruk at the ballpark Thursday. Signing a reliever is not a priority for them right now, but were still talking.

The free-agent market could start popping with the arrival of the winter meetings next week in Dallas.

Things have been pretty slow for everyone except Jonathan Papelbon coming to Philadelphia, Lidge said.

And what did the former Phillies closerowner of a storybook 48-for-48 season in 2008think of the new closer getting a four-year, 50 million contract, the largest ever for a reliever?

Great pickup, Lidge said. Outstanding closer right in his prime. If youre going to give that type of money to a closer hes the right guy.

Papelbons signing likely means that Ryan Madson, another free agent, will move on from the Phillies. The club has offered Madson arbitration, so its not out of the question he could return on a one-year deal.

Madson has until Dec. 7 to accept or decline the Phillies arbitration offer.

I love Ryan Madson, Lidge said. I dont know where hes going to end up. Hopefully he will do well for himself. Were both trying to find teams to pitch at the end of games for. Hes looking for the right fit for a few years. My situation is different. Im looking for the right fit for one year.

One year is fine. I want to have a healthy season and see what happens from there.

Lidge would love to get that deal in Philadelphia, a place he and his family have come to love. A deal with the Rockies in his hometown of Denver would also be attractive.

You can see Boruks interview with Lidge on SportsNite.

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