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Brandon Marsh made young fan's night not once — but twice — in win over White Sox

Brandon Marsh — certified good guy.

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You have good guys, you have really good guys and then you have Brandon Marsh.

On a normal night, a two-run home run could be deemed the highlight of the game for a player, but in Saturday's win over the White Sox, the Phillies' outfielder had a different kind of memorable moment.

In the sixth inning, Marsh attempted to catch a fly ball in left that went a few seats into the stands. In the process, he ran into a younger fan. He checked on him to make sure he was okay, gave him a pat on the head and it was back to business.

Fast forward one inning and there was another foul ball hit to left. This time it stayed in the yard but Marsh knew exactly where it needed to go. He tracked down the fan from earlier, gave him the ball and a memory that'll last a lifetime.

"I had to, I gave him a forearm to the head I felt terrible," Marsh said postgame. "I was trying to go get [the ball] for Wheels and I didn't know, I thought it was a little bit further away from the wall. But it's all fine, I'm glad he was okay. We got him the ball and we're all good."

Let's be honest — these are the best kind of moments in baseball.

Marshy, a class act.

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