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The craziest Phillies bobblehead you need to get your hands on

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You know when you see something that is simply so crazy you have to share it with the world?

Well, that just happened.

Do you remember FOCO? The brand that has the viral Phillies overalls that Garrett Stubbs deemed the celebratory playoff attire for 2023? Well, they're known for more than just team apparel.

I happened to be on their website and stumbled upon one of the craziest, most insane bobbleheads I've ever seen. Actually, strike that. It is the craziest, most insane bobblehead I've ever seen.

There are five players total on the single mount: Trea Turner, J.T. Realmuto, Kyle Schwarber, Johan Rojas and Stubbs. They're decked out in ski goggles and "Take October" shirts (except for the Chief Vibes Officer rocking overalls) — but more importantly — they're all on top of a dang Red October lazy Susan.

So, it's a spinning bobblehead with five players celebrating the good times from last season's playoff run. (Don't think about what happened next.)

Take a look at this thing:

And if you hate the concept of enjoying something fun because last season didn't end the way you wanted, well, you simply don't have to buy it.

You can pre-order the bobblehead scene, set to be released in early April 2024, for $200.

Or, if this specific collectible isn't up your alley, take a look a few others across FOCO's site.

How about John Kruk throwing out the first pitch in his overalls?

Or another playoff scene, when four Phillies made history, combining for six home runs and tying the single-game home run record at six.

And if some of these are a little too intense, there's always the mini bigheads for $25 a pop:

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