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Does Rhys Hoskins really think he's going to get booed when he returns to Philly?

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We're less than two weeks into the 2024 MLB season and it still feels strange seeing Rhys Hoskins in something other than a Phillies jersey.

Hoskins signed with the Brewers as a free agent in January and has already made headlines for Milwaukee in the early days of the season. (Mainly due to his Opening Day slide into second that caused a stir between him and Mets' Jeff McNeil that ultimately led to the benches clearing.)

No matter where he plays, Hoskins owns the Mets. And the benches-clearing incident was one of the bigger topics across the Philadelphia area, even with the Phillies season underway as well.

It's clear that Phillies fans are still rooting for Hoskins despite the hop to the NL Central team. So, it was a bit of a surprise to hear how he thinks Phillies fans will welcome him back when he visits Citizens Bank Park as an opponent or the first time in June.

The first baseman joined the folks on Foul Territory, where he was asked about the offseason process signing elsewhere.

"My time in Philly is something that I'll always remember, I'll always hold close to my heart," Hoskins said. "I have really great relationships with a lot of people over there, within the clubhouse and just within the organization, that I'll forward to continue on in a different fashion now."

And how will fans respond when he returns? When asked if he thinks he'll be booed, he shared his thoughts.

"My guess is yes, my guess is yes," Hoskins said. "I'm hoping, I don't know if hope is the right word, but if I'm getting booed, it probably means that the Brewers are doing something to be winning the game or to win the game. You know, so I'll kind of root for that as a way to make sure that we the Brewers are coming out on top.

"I'm excited to go back, I'm excited to see all those guys, those relationships I've talked about. I'm excited to compete against them wearing a different uni.

"I said this when I signed, I hope the Brewers win at the end of the day."

Now, while Hoskins may be partially correct, there was one thing he completely missed … that first mention of his name across the ballpark when the starting lineups are being announced.

There won't be boos. In fact, it'll be the exact opposite. Phillies' PA announcer Dan Baker will have to hold as cheers flood the ballpark.

He'll be met with a standing ovation. A thunderous roar to welcome him back to the city of his former club.

Hoskins may be repping the Brewers but in the minds of fans across Philadelphia, he'll always be a Phillie at heart.

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