Lonzo Ball's $495 signature shoe shockingly underwhelms on 1st day of sales


You guys remember those math word problems from elementary school?

They were the worst, weren't they?

Speaking of the worst ... more LaVar Ball, everybody!

Here's a word problem involving Lonzo's dad: What's greater — the number of dollars Big Baller Brand's signature shoes cost or the reported amount of shoes sold on the first day of availability Monday?

If you guessed the latter ... DING! DING! DING! You're the lucky winner!

According to a report from NiceKicks.com, Big Baller Brand's $495 signature "ZO2 Prime" sneaker sold approximately 263 units on the first day of availability. Yes, people actually bought them. The report also says some people even bought the $995 special edition "ZO2 Primes" signed by Lonzo, who has yet to score a point in the NBA.

Good for those people.

But you've got to give LaVar some credit because even though the price is absurd and he's absurd, the 263 pairs sold still netted $156,000 for Big Baller Brand.

Speaking of LaVar, he was talking again somewhere on TV today (OK, on FOXSports1's "Undefeated" with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe) and he was talking about the shoes and why they cost so much.

"The fact that people are losing sight — they’re looking at the price tag and not understanding that Lonzo’s shoe is symbolic. That comes with a price tag," the father of potential future Sixers guard Lonzo told Bayless and Sharpe.

"Symbolic as he’s the first one ever to come in here without even playing a game and have his own brand. ... ZO2s mean something. That’s why the price tag is like that. That’s what the shoe’s worth."

So there's that.

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