Neat: Allen Iverson Could Just Move Back Into His Old House in Villanova


After recalling a Wall Street Journal story from last year on the difficulties Allen Iverson was having unloading his beautiful mansion in Villanova, I thought it'd be interesting to see if the former Sixers' star's old house was still on the market. If my crack research is correct, Iverson's six bedroom digs on Chatteu Lane are still currently available for the bargain price of $3,250,000.

The photo of his house from the Wall Street Journal piece as well as a post on about Iverson's 2008 real estate issues all match up with the current listing on Chanel E. Overton's Long and Foster Real Estate website.

According to the old Journal article, Iverson paid $5 million for the 14,000-square-foot house in 2003 and initially listed it for sale at $6.3 million when he was traded to Denver in 2006. Back in September of 2008, Iverson was asking $4 million for the house while the current listing on the real estate website is a bargain basement price of $3.25 million.

Now, we all know how much A.I. hates practice which could only mean he probably hates house hunting even more. So now that Ed Stefanski and Eddie Jordan have pulled the trigger on bringing Iverson back to town, he'll have an empty mansion waiting for him to ease the process.

Who says you can never go home again?

Photos from the property listing site here.


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