Nobody Knows Anything: Sixers Avoid Iverson Q's For at Least 150 Minutes in Dallas


Grateful as I am that Philly sports fans actually have some reason--any reason--to be talking about the Sixers again, I also can't help but wish that the discussion was surrounding something actually happening on the court, instead of persistent rumors and non-stories about Allen Iverson maybe possibly considering re-signing with the team. (Which, should it ever actually happen, would indeed be the ultimate headline of the Sixers season). But alas, the team hasn't given us much to talk about--not much good, anyway, as the team has dropped six straight now, moving them to 5-12 and dropping them even below the 2-12 Timberwolves in's NBA Power Rankings. Harumph.

A trip to Dallas likely means an extension of that losing streak to seven games, with the Mavs struggling through a period that saw three starters (Shawn Marion, Erick Dampier and Josh Howard) lose time with injury, and still come out of it with an impressive 12-5 record. When the two teams last met, the day after the Eagles lost to the Cardinals in the NFC championship game, the Mavs tore the Liberty Ballers' hearts out, with Dirk Nowitzki nailing a buzzer-beating jumper (as he is wont to do) after Philly clawed their way back from 12 down with 2:20 to go to tie the game, something I'm still not sure I've ever seen happen before or after. This time, I think the Sixers will be lucky to even be in a position to be so devastated.

One positive to note over the last few games--the resurgent play of Thaddeus Young. Getting more minutes at the 4 has apparently done wonders for the young stud, as every part of his offensive play (his post game, his mid-range jumper, his deep ball, even his finishing on the break) appears to be back in his arsenal at full-strength. I tore my hair out a little earlier in this season as Thad looked confused and frustrated in the team's offense, but he appears to have regained his swagger, and should the rest of the team ever start to resemble a professional NBA squad again, that'll undoubtedly be pretty huge for us.

8:30 tip from the American Airlines Center. By, the way, you know what I wish the Mavs would do? Bring back that old-school logo with the M and the cowboy hat--that shit was hot. Could be just the boost they need to get them over the hump in the West.

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