Philly fans welcomed Moses Malone to town by stealing his dry cleaning, says Dr. J


Philadelphia 76ers legend Julius Erving was a guest on Bill Simmons podcast over at Grantland and it's pretty damn awesome.

The first nugget that immediately jumps out at you is when Dr. J tells of Moses Malone coming to Philly from Houston and not being prepared for what was in store.

Moses drove to practice over at St. Joe's University for the first time and left his convertible unlocked with his dry cleaning inside.

"He comes out after practice," as Dr. J tells it.  "He's like, 'Oh, man. Where's my shit?' And some of the Philly fans said 'Welcome to Philly' and broke into his car and took his dry cleaning. He said, "When I see people walking around Philly with my big collared shirts, I'm going to recognize.'"

"He was looking for his stuff for days," Erving said. "Welcome to Philly, you've got to lock your car up."


You can listen to Dr. J talk about his greatest dunk below. The whole podcast is worth a listen.

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