The Origins of Bernard Hopkins' Disdain for Donovan McNabb


Others have hinted about the origins of Bernard Hopkins disdain for former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, but B-Hop set the record straight last night on Daily News Live when he told Michael Barkann about the time McNabb looked at him funny at an Eagles practice way back in 2004 and failed to shower him with praise. Something like that.

Also of interest from the segment, Bernard Hopkins says he has the "ability to look through a man's soul and watch his actions, and see if he really means what he really wants. That separates the average from the greats."

Almost as powerful as a right hook, I'm sure.

I can't say I agree with B-Hop on any of his McNabb views, but at least he admits the whole McNabb dust-up helped him sell some tickets to his fight. Salesman Executioner.

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