Upgraded From Comments: Phillies Already Filling Burrell's Spot?


According to SportsIllustrated.com, the Phillies are one of several teams in the hunt for Rockies LF Matt Holliday, and are in fact the most aggressive team interested in trading for his services

Several teams have shown interest, including the A's, Mets and Rays,
but so far it appears the Phillies may have the best chance among those

With Pat Burrell sadly but almost certainly on his way out of town, one of Amaro's first challenges is finding a right handed bat to replace his production and protect Ryan Howard in the batting order.  Holliday has emerged as one of the better hitters in the NL, and last year was runner-up to Jimmy Rollins in the MVP voting.

While Holliday's talent is undeniable, I can't get fully on board with this decision without knowing the terms of the deal.  Prior to the trade deadline, Victorino's name surfaced a few times in similar talks with the Rockies, and thankfully Gillick never pulled the trigger on that deal.  Holliday may produce more runs, but Victorino creates them with superb base running, and he prevents them while playing some world class center field.

The main pieces on the farm are C Lou Marson, SS/3B Jason Donald, and RHP Carlos Carrasco, all of whom could be playing vital roles on the big club by 2010, if not sooner.  Marson and Donald are almost certain to replace Ruiz and Feliz as the starters at those positions by then.

Adding to the concerns I have with giving up current and future starters, especially with the option to sign Burrell still on the table, Holliday has just one year remaining on his contract.  Obviously the Phillies would begin working on an extension immediately, but at what cost to the club as it stands today?

So guys, what are your opinions?  Hold onto the guys we have and keep Pat or find a cheaper solution, or trade some big pieces and acquire another All Star?

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