7 times Eagles head coach Doug Pederson had very big Dad energy


Over his four seasons at the helm of the Eagles, Doug Pederson has earned lots of love from Philly sports fans.

So much love, in fact, that some call him "Dad Pederson" because he checks so many boxes on the classic Dad spectrum. 

Eagles fans have been noting Pederson's very obvious Dad-ness, and Dad tendencies, for years now - sometimes with slightly NSFW exuberance:

Pederson is a winner, a man of the people, and an inspiration. It all fits.

On Father's Day, I thought it would be fitting to roll the tape and look at some of Pederson's most exceptionally fatherly moments, as we all take a moment to appreciate the Eagles' collective Dad.

1. His love for visors

We have to start here, with the most iconic Pederson accessory: the visor.

His love for visors dates back to the end of his playing days in Green Bay, and he's stuck with the visor brand all the way through this past season. His shock of salt-and-pepper hair flies out from the visor's opening in an extremely endearing, laissez-faire way that is just so fitting of Dad Pederson:

2. His ice cream addiction

This remains one of my favorite social media clips of all-time:

What's more Dad-like than loving routine? Maybe loving dessert? And the fact that Pederson's favorite ice cream is vanilla (Haagen-Dazs, of course) is just the cherry on top. It's perfection.

3. This amazing vacuum cleaner quip

During the last few months, with the Eagles socially distancing amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Pederson has been spending less time at the NovaCare Complex and more time in his house.

Around the recent NFL Draft, Pederson let slip just how that's been affecting his day-to-day, in the most Dad way possible:

You can't separate a Dad and his appliances.

4. This very Dad shopping outfit

Also during the last few months, near the beginning of social distancing measures, Pederson was spotted grocery shopping in an ultimate Dad outfit:

The vest over a buttoned shirt? Check. The big watch on the wrist? Check. The gloves, for safety? Check. Top-to-bottom, that's a great Dad fit from Pederson.

5. A very Dad office decoration

Social distancing measures have given sports fans glimpses into the houses of players, executives, and coaches, a unique angle we aren't normally granted.

During the Draft, Pederson showed us his workspace setup, and Philly Twitter's finest noticed one adorably Dad decoration in the background:

That little word block was definitely a Father's Day gift from years past. I love it.

Is it the cutest thing you'll see in an NFL head coach's office? Maybe!

6. His love for golf

There are few things more stereotypically Dad than an affinity for getting out of the house and playing some golf.

Pederson fits the bill here. He dresses like he could wander on to a tee at any minute: visors, polo shirts, and a clean pair of sneakers.

He's made, and won, bets with New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, a classic Dad move if I've ever heard one.

And there was this little comment from Pederson, during the post-Super Bowl summer:

That "alrighty" is quintissential Dad snark, rolling with the punches while filing away an injustice for later.

7. This exceptionally Dad text message

It's subtle, but this text message from the morning of the Eagles' 2019 divisional round matchup against the Saints is the ideal Dad text message:

He opens with "Good morning". He rattles off some classic Dad platitudes. He uses the number 1 instead of spelling it out, while making a Dad joke. He uses exactly one "Lol", and then punctuates it with a period. And he signs off with plans to meet up later that day.

I want it framed and hung in my house.

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