Brian Westbrook regrets inability to help squash Donovan McNabb-Terrell Owens beef


If feels like we’ve all been put in a time machine this week.

First, Andy Reid is heading back to the Super Bowl, so Big Red has been a big topic of discussion again in Philadelphia. We’ve all been thinking about his time here and whether or not Eagles fans should/will root for him to win the championship.

And then there was the rekindling of the Donovan McNabb-Terrell Owens feud 15 years after it started.

In case you missed it, McNabb was on Bleacher Report’s Untold Stories and blamed Owens for the Eagles’ collapse after the Super Bowl. As you would expect, T.O. couldn’t let it go. He showed up to a squirt gun fight with a bazooka on Twitter.

In one of his first tweets, Owens alleged that McNabb vouched for Brian Westbrook to get a contract and not him. Well, Westbrook was on FS1’s “First Things First” on Thursday to talk about the never-ending feud.

Westbrook said he’s cool with both guys and regrets that he wasn’t able to squash the beef 15 years ago.

“One of the most disappointing things in my career was that I wasn’t old enough and mature enough to bring two guys I know we needed to be successful together. It was a point, I loved [Owens] and I loved [McNabb], I couldn’t bring them together for the success of our team. That’s one of the biggest failures I had in my career as a player. I wasn’t old enough, wasn’t mature enough at the time."

At the time, Westbrook was just a few years into his nine-year NFL career. He did have some clout, though — 2004 was a huge year for Westbrook; he had 1,515 yards from scrimmage and made his first Pro Bowl. But he was just 25 when the Eagles lost Super Bowl XXXIX.

Fifteen years later, Reid has finally made it back to the Super Bowl just in time for two of his best players from the last one to continue their bickering about why it all went wrong after they lost. It’s childish and petty and it seems like it’s never going to end.

Westbrook said he thought both guys had moved beyond their feud but it’s quite obvious they haven’t; he thinks that is “disappointing.” And Westbrook said he doesn’t expect them to squash it anytime soon.

“I just wish they could come back together,” Westbrook said. “Because, again, we’re talking about two of the best players in Philadelphia Eagles history and now they’re feuding on Twitter? That just doesn’t make sense to me.”

To be fair, it shouldn’t really make sense to anyone. But this won’t be the end of it.

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