Controversial NFL touchback debate reignited after Justin Jefferson's fumble vs. Eagles

Fans are split on what should happen when a player fumbles a ball through the endzone

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One of the NFL's most controversial rules was back in the limelight on Thursday Night Football.

Facing a 10-7 deficit late in the first half, the Minnesota Vikings were driving with a chance to take the lead against the Philadelphia Eagles. Kirk Cousins lofted a pass to his top wide receiver, Justin Jefferson, who hauled it in inside the Eagles' 5-yard line.

Jefferson tried to score, and the ball crossed the goal line. Only one problem -- he wasn't holding onto it when it did.

Terrell Edmunds pried the ball from Jefferson's hands before he got into the endzone. The play was initially ruled out of bounds at the 1-yard line, but the officials instead ruled it a fumble through the endzone and touchback, giving the Eagles possession at their own 20.

Section 7, Article 3, Item 4 of the NFL rulebook details how the league handles fumbles into the endzone. Still, many people are fed up with the rule, with some calling it the "worst rule" in the game.

Not everyone hates the rule, though. Many spoke up after the play preaching for players to hold onto the ball, especially near the endzone.

Fumbles were an issue for the Vikings all over the field Thursday night. The team had four turnovers -- all fumbles -- and wound up losing by six points to fall to 0-2 on the year.

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