Eagle Eye Podcast: Has Malcolm Jenkins outplayed his contract?


On this edition of Eagle Eye, Reuben Frank and Dave Zangaro discuss Malcolm Jenkins' contract situation. How he might be playing the national media.

Why Carson Wentz's new contract is good for both sides. Eagles have a lot of talent around their big money QB.

Also, practice observations from Dave.

0:30 - Dave goes out of town during the busiest days of the offseason.
1:30 - Malcolm Jenkins' camp might be playing the national media.
7:30 - Why Wentz's deal was good for both sides.
16:00 - Eagles have talent around Wentz, so the window to win is open.
24:30 - Keep an eye on Greg Ward Jr.
28:30 - Practice observations from Dave.
33:00 - How did Wentz look during practice? Miles Sanders not practicing is a concern.

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