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A little Howie Roseman draft trade magic in Day 3


Howie Roseman pulled off a little Day 3 draft magic on Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon, the Eagles traded two of their seventh-round picks (Nos. 230 and 248) to get pick No. 191 from the Texans in the sixth round.

And then a little over 40 minutes later, Roseman flipped No. 191 for a fifth-round pick from Tampa Bay in 2024. So in less than an hour, Roseman turned two sevenths into a five. Even considering the future picks are generally less valuable, that’s still pretty impressive.

These are the kind of trades that often go unnoticed but it’s part of what makes Roseman such an astute GM. He’s willing to make the kinds of trades some GMs wouldn’t even bother with.

Here’s an updated look at the Eagles’ projected picks in 2024:

  • First round (own)
  • Second round (own)
  • Second round (Saints)
  • Third (comp)
  • Fifth (Vikings)
  • Fifth (Buccaneers)
  • Fifth (Comp)
  • Fifth (Comp)
  • Fifth (Comp)
  • Sixth (Own or Titans)

You’ll notice that they no longer have their own third-round pick. That’s what they gave up to start the day on Saturday when they traded for pick No. 105, the third pickin the fourth round, to get cornerback Kelee Ringo from Georgia.

The Eagles traded for D’Andre Swift on Saturday too, but gave up a 2025 fourth-rounder along with a seventh-round pick swap. They gave up No. 219 to get 249, which is their final pick left to make in the 2023 draft.

Here’s a look at this year’s haul:

  • 1-9: Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia
  • 1-30: Nolan Smith, Edge, Georgia
  • 3-65: Tyler Steen, OG, Alabama
  • 3-66: Sydney Brown, S, Illinois
  • 4-105: Kelee Ringo, CB, Georgia 
  • 6-188: Tanner McKee, QB, Stanford
  • 7-249: 

Trade: RB D’Andre Swift

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