Jason Kelce

A sneak peek into the hysterical Kelce family holiday card photoshoot

Jason and Kylie Kelce on Instagram

The Kelce family had some hysterical moments during their holiday card photoshoot.

It's another day of the Kelce family being incredible.

So, business as usual.

The talk of the town this holiday season has been The Philly Specials' second album with Jason Kelce, Jordan Mailata, Lane Johnson and a ton of special guests. The offensive linemen trio have teamed up to create "A Philly Special Christmas Special," with proceeds going to the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

[Pre-Order the album, set to be released December 1, here]

But today, we shift gears to the Kelce family — Jason, his wife Kylie, their three daughters, Wyatt, Elliotte and Bennett … and their two dogs Winnie and Baloo, of course.

The Royal Family of Philly just revealed their holiday card for the year. They also shared a behind the scenes video from the day. Honestly, it's everything you'd want it to be and more.

It's full of real, hysterical and wholesome moments from the entire family … and also a few doughnut bribes:

Credit: Jason and Kylie Kelce on Instagram

Ya gotta love it.

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