C.J. Gardner-Johnson calls out Gannon in deleted tweet


What a way to start the day.

Eagles safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson was spending his morning like many of us: scrolling Twitter after waking up, a bad but sometimes unavoidable habit, when he decided to respond to a video of now-former Eagles defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon explaining what happened to the team's defense in the second half of Super Bowl LVII:

Well okay then!

Gardner-Johnson deleted the tweet shortly thereafter, and tweeted this four minutes later:

I did the same thing this morning. Respect.

It's kind of wild to see a pending free agent tweeting like this. Gardner-Johnson's rookie contract is up and he'll be free to sign wherever he wants when the league year begins on March 15. He obviously had a fantastic 2022 regular season and will be in high demand, including from the Eagles, who are reportedly going to make a strong push to keep him around. Wednesday morning's tweet will certainly endear him further to the portion of the Eagles fanbase who strongly dislikes Gannon.

For what it's worth, Gannon's answer in that video... kind of put the majority of the blame on himself:

"They made a lot of good plays in that second half. We weren't able to get some stops when we needed to. I obviously could've done a better job of coaching a couple things that I want out of the calls. So, tough to swallow when you look back at it because it's such a big stage and we didn't get it done for the city, for Mr. Lurie, for Howie, and for the head coach. But learned a lot from it and you've got to give credit to Kansas City, but obviously I could've done a lot better job with what we were doing."

A lot of Eagles fans have some animosity towards Gannon for not talking after the Super Bowl, and then a little more for the way Gannon seemed annoyed Tuesday by repeated questions about the failures in that game. Those seem like fair reactions. It's funny, though, that Gardner-Johnson managed to quote tweet Gannon's single good answer.

We'll see what the future holds for the enigmatic safety. Great player, fiery personality. For selfish reasons like blogging, I certainly hope he sticks around.

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