Eagles mailbag: Stick with Jalen Hurts? Why is Howie Roseman still power?


The Eagles finally traded Carson Wentz so not only can the team move on but so can we.

For weeks, the possible trade was all we talked about in this city so now that Wentz is gone, we can start to move forward.

That’s where we’ll begin this mailbag.

I’m intrigued by Jalen Hurts and I really want to see what he’s able to do with a full offseason and with new head coach Nick Sirianni, who would be able to craft an offense around Hurts. Remember, in 2020, the Eagles’ offense was designed for Wentz. While the Birds obviously changed things when Hurts got in there, they had to do it on the fly.

I’d probably stick with Hurts, but I also think the Eagles owe it to themselves to do their homework on this year’s draft class if they’re not sold on Hurts. Obviously, they liked Hurts enough to draft him last year but I’ve been told they’re keeping their options open at the QB position. A source familiar with the Eagles’ thinking said they’re going to look at veteran free agents and at this year’s crop of draft talent. And if the Eagles aren’t ready to say Hurts is the guy, then they’re probably at least going to think long and hard about taking a quarterback in the first round. We know how important the position is to the Eagles’ front office.

To be clear, picking Hurts last year didn’t make sense to me then and it doesn’t make sense to me now. But the Eagles clearly liked Hurts enough to draft him in the second round and open up a can of worms, so why not give him a legitimate shot to be the guy? If it were me, I’d draft a good non-QB at No. 6 and focus on improving the many holes on the roster. I’m just not so sure that’s what happens.

I got about 20 different versions of pretty much the same Howie Roseman question. How does he still have a job? What would it take for him to get fired? Does he have photos of Jeff Lurie?

Lurie clearly has a soft spot for Roseman and he trusts him way more than the fanbase. Earlier this offseason, Reuben Frank put together one of the best explanations for the difference between how Lurie sees Roseman and how others do. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/eagles/understanding-why-jeff-lurie-might-never-fire-howie-roseman

That’s not to say that Roseman has done a good job or even that he deserves to still be in power. In fact, many people who have recently left the organization and some still inside the building think he’s the biggest problem with the franchise. A league source recently told me he thinks Roseman is the “sole problem” in Philly.

But I don’t think Roseman is GM for life like some have suggested. Sure, the Super Bowl gave him a longer leash than Doug Pederson but his view for the future of the team also falls in line with Lurie’s. The one thing I know about Lurie, though, is that he won’t like this perception that the Eagles don’t know what they’re doing and he definitely doesn’t like it when the Eagles become the butt of jokes. Remember, Lurie stripped Roseman of personnel power before, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that it might happen again in the future.

I still think Roseman isn’t going anywhere anytime soon but this whole Wentz thing is a catastrophic organizational failure (Wentz deserves some blame too) and if the Eagles can’t rebound like they’re hoping in the next few seasons, then even Roseman might not be immune.

Sure, but if Roseman isn’t sure Hurts is the guy, then he has a chance to get a quarterback who might be. I agree with you that if Hurts ends up being very good and the Eagles build a team around him, it makes Roseman look better. But what if Hurts doesn’t become good and the Eagles miss a chance to draft their next franchise QB? Then that would be compounding a previous mistake.

The Eagles will need to bring in quarterbacks one way or the other. Once Nate Sudfeld becomes a free agent, the Eagles will be down to just Hurts under contract. So I’d expect them to sign a veteran in free agency and then draft a QB at some point too. I don’t know if they’ll definitely use that first-round pick on one, but they will have around nine picks so even if they don’t get one at 6, I could see them snagging a developmental guy to bring into the QB Factory.

Seriously? He was awful in 2020 but it’s clear he has talent. He has a strong arm, ability to move well, throw on the run, create magical plays. Honestly, he has all the on-field attributes any team would want in a franchise quarterback, he was just unable to put them to use last season. Even if he isn’t still the same guy physically that he was in 2017, he was still pretty good in 2018 and 2019.

I don’t know if Wentz will bounce back from his 2020 season but if he doesn’t it won’t be for lack of talent.

There’s a former team chaplain in Houston who would like a word.

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