Eagles' pick Dickerson is viral internet sensation already


The Eagles went a little off the board from what some fans were hoping to see with their second-round pick when they took Alabama offensive lineman Landon Dickerson.

While he isn't a star linebacker or a ballhawk corner, and he might not even play next year because of the Eagles' offensive line depth, one thing is for certain:

The Eagles drafted an absolute character in Dickerson.

The 22-year-old North Carolina native has made for himself over the past few months as a hilarious, if maybe understated, Internet sensation thanks to a knack for the quirky.

Here's a clip of Dickerson at Mac Jones' Pro Day at Alabama, doing cartwheels in the background of Jones' interview:

Is that not something you could see a younger, spry-er Jason Kelce doing to his favorite Eagles teammates, just to mess with them? I love it. What a goof.

Here, we have Dickerson bench-pressing in the Alabama weight room while wearing what appears to be some sort of a denim overall get-up:

Another country guy on the O-line? Lane Johnson is going to love this dude.

Oh, and during the unusually socially-distanced run up to this year's NFL Draft, Dickerson went out and bought cold tubs, JUGS machines, and a whole bunch of protein shakes to create a makeshift gym in his own carport:

Long story short: Dickerson might not be an integral part of the Eagles for a couple years, but he's going to be a blast to have on the team.

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