Eagles Q&A: Jack Driscoll shares moments that left him starstruck


Each week during the 2022 regular season, we’re going through the Eagles’ media guide to find an interesting nugget.

The Eagles’ PR interns do a great job filling out these little oddities in the media guide and they serve as a good way to meet the players behind the helmet.

This week, we chatted with backup offensive lineman Jack Driscoll, who said the moments that left him starstruck were when he met Apple CEO Tim Cook and Hall of Fame basketball player Yao Ming.

Me: Why those two guys?

Driscoll: Yao Ming just because he’s so tall. When he was sitting down, it almost looked like he was standing. Just also, I grew up watching him, loving him and Tracy McGrady. All those guys from the Rockets. And Tim Cook, he’s the CEO of Apple, an Auburn alumn. So just super cool to meet him.

Me: Let’s start with Yao. Where did you meet him?

Driscoll: One of my friend’s weddings.

Me: Wow.

Driscoll: Yeah, one of my friends I played with at Auburn, the girl’s dad worked for the Rockets. And he was like an upper level executive there. And, yeah, so some of the guys were there.

Me: I’ve seen him and meet him before too. It’s a lot to take in.

Driscoll: Yeah, it’s a lot, just how big it is.

Me: Did you shake his hand?

Driscoll: Yeah.

Me: What was tha—

Driscoll: Massive. One of the few times in my life I felt like very small.

Me: Yeah, he’s crazy. Did you get a photo with him?

Driscoll: Yeah, I did.

Me: What’s that look like?

Driscoll: Like you’d imagine.

Me: I actually pulled it up because I knew I was talking to you. One of my favorite photos of all time is this:

Driscoll: Yeah, that one’s great, with J.J. Yeah, that’s crazy. J.J. Watt looks tiny. Not many people make J.J. Watt look tiny.

Me: Do you still have that photo?

Driscoll: Yeah, I’m always going to keep it.

Me: Tim Cook. Where’d you meet him?

Driscoll: After the Auburn-Alabama game. He went to undergrad at Auburn. So he was just in our locker room after the game, just going around talking to people.

Me: Did you have a chance to chat with him a little bit?

Driscoll: Yeah, just casual. Just said, ‘Hi, how are ya?’ Nothing too crazy. It was cool to get to shake his hand.

Me: Who’s another person who would be at the top of your list that you’d like to meet that would leave you kind of starstruck?

Driscoll: That’s a good question. I don’t know. I’d have to think about that. Those are the two for now, though.

Me: So you were in college for both?

Driscoll: Yeah, I was in college for both. Yao Ming, I was a junior. Tim Cook, I was a senior.

Me: Thanks, man.

Driscoll: Yeah, I appreciate it.

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