Eagles reportedly among teams monitoring Deshaun Watson legal developments


A while back, we heard a report that the Eagles should not be discounted as a possible suitor for Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, but a lot has changed since then.

Watson is now facing 22 civil lawsuits alleging sexual assault from female massage therapists and the NFL is conducting an investigation into whether Watson has violated the league’s personal conduct policy.

But according to the Houston Chronicle’s Aaron Wilson, the Eagles are one of several teams that have been monitoring the latest legal developments surrounding Watson.

Here’s what Wilson wrote:

“Several NFL teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins, are monitoring the latest Watson legal developments, which have complicated any efforts to trade for him. The Texans, according to sources, haven’t engaged in trade discussions and have been in more of a listening mode as they concentrate on overhauling their roster following a 4-12 season.”

There were already significant hurdles if the Eagles wanted to trade for Watson, namely that the Texans had been hesitant to even broach trade discussions. But now there’s the added layer of the legal situation, which could have serious consequences for Watson.

From a football standpoint, any interest the Eagles show in Watson is certainly warranted. He’s a fantastic 25-year-old quarterback who is one of the best in the league. He’s a true franchise guy.

And the Eagles are likely to have four first-round picks between this year and next if that second-rounder from the Colts turns into a first. So the Eagles also have the ammo to pull off a blockbuster trade for a quarterback if they wanted to go in that direction. (It’s a reason why Russell Wilson’s name keeps coming up.)

So it makes sense that the Eagles would be interested in a talent like Watson, but his legal situation obviously complicates matters. And aside from any moral dilemma, no team is going to give up multiple first-round picks for a player in this type of situation without a conclusion.

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