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Eagles sent Pederson cheesesteaks after win over Cowboys


Doug Pederson will always be One of Us. The maestro behind the Eagles’ first Super Bowl title holds a special place in every Eagles fan’s heart, and we will always root for him to do well. That was no truer than this past Sunday, when Pederson’s Jaguars took on the Dallas Cowboys.

Pederson’s squad was able to overcome a 17-point deficit to beat Dallas, 40-34 in overtime, all but securing the NFC East title for the Eagles. And that definitely didn’t go unnoticed at One NovaCare Way.

According to Jaguar Report, someone in that building phoned in a sizable order to a Jacksonville-area restaurant, “Philly’s Finest,” to send to Pederson and his staff to show their appreciation for their efforts against Dallas.

"So on Tuesday, we answer the phone that by somebody saying they were from the organization and want to send, want to buy Doug Pederson lunch for beating Cowboys, to celebrate beating the Cowboys,” said Jeff Harris, owner of “Philly’s Finest.”

"They love Doug Peterson and they love him in Philly so they want to send them a taste of Philadelphia."

Harris took the order for 35 cheesesteaks and 25 orders of Old Bay fries and sent it over to Dougie P and his staff, a show of gratitude for helping the Eagles get one step closer to a shot at a second Lombardi Trophy.

I think this could be a very cool tradition for the Eagles. Everyone in the area feels better about life the day after a Cowboys loss, and we’re grateful to the team that handed them the L. Maybe fans could get in on the giving spirit. Who knows? It could end up being extra incentive for any team getting ready to play Dallas, if they know they’ll get a free lunch out of it, at the very least.

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