Ex-Eagles WR Reagor gets clowned by for talking trash


File this one under cringe.

Former Eagles first-round bust Jalen Reagor is spending this season doing precious little in Minnesota as a member of the Vikings. Through Week 14 he has six catches for 87 yards and one touchdown. (The touchdown was a one-yard jet sweep shovel pass.) Not great.

But apparently that hasn't stopped Reagor from running his mouth before divisional matchups, because ahead of the Vikings' Week 14 clash with the Lions the 23-year-old wideout guaranteed a Vikings win:

Then the Vikings lost.

The Lions are fun and feisty right now, and the Vikings have all the makings of a not-actually-great 10-3 team, so it wasn't a gigantic surprise.

But it's clear Reagor's quote made its way to the Lions' locker room, because veteran tackle Taylor Decker had a few choice words for the former Eagles pass catcher after Detroit's win.

Here's how Decker felt:

"I'm sure they got the NFC North shirts and hats in their locker room. It was a challenge for us and we met it head-on. We didn’t even blink.


"I think I've earned the right to give my opinion on that and I feel like I know what it looks like, so tough look for Jalen Reagor this week."


Reagor's final stat line from the Week 14 matchup: 0 catches, 0 yards, 1 burn.

Maybe he'll learn a lesson here... or maybe he'll just get back to snippily liking tweets hating on him and retweeting his insanely infrequent highlights.

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