Five interesting facts about Chiefs coach Andy Reid


One of the NFL’s best and most likable coaches is back in the Super Bowl.

For the third time in four seasons, Andy Reid will be on the sideline as his team competes for a championship. The 64-year-old coach has helped set up the Kansas City Chiefs for a potential dynasty, and this year’s Super Bowl will hit closer to home.

Before he faces off against a familiar opponent, here are five things you may not know about Reid.

Teenage Andy Reid worked as a vendor at Dodger Stadium

Long before Reid was working on an NFL sideline, he was working in a major league ballpark.

Reid spent time as a vendor at Dodger Stadium, which was just a few miles from his childhood home in Los Angeles.

He needed to borrow an NFL player’s jersey at 13 years old

Speaking of Los Angeles professional sports teams, Reid once needed to borrow a jersey from a Rams player – when he was just 13. 

Reid famously towered over his competition in a punt, pass and kick competition back in December of 1971. All of the participants wore Rams helmets and jerseys, but Reid’s came from an actual player on the team. Les Josephson lent his No. 34 jersey to Reid, who is seen launching a pass in the clip below.

He once denied John Wayne extra meatballs

During his young catering days, Reid would make exceptions for famous athletes like Wilt Chamberlain. But when it came to acting legends, it was three meatballs max.

“So like one time, John Wayne, he wanted a couple more meatballs,” Reid told NBC Sports’ Peter King back in 2020. “If I knew he played football, I would’ve given him as many as he wanted. But I was told, I was instructed, to give three meatballs or we were gonna run out. You’re getting three meatballs.”

He studied journalism before pursuing coaching

Reid attended Glendale Junior College in Glendale, Calif., before transferring to BYU. He was a member of the Cougars football team for three years and studied journalism.

BYU head coach Lavell Edwards encouraged Reid to pursue coaching, which brings us to a different Glendale. 

He is facing his former team is Super Bowl LVII

Reid is set to coach in his fourth Super Bowl on Feb. 12 and is chasing his second title. To get it, he must beat his former team at State Farm Stadium in Arizona.

Big Red started out his head coaching career with the Philadelphia Eagles, spending 14 years in the role and leading the team to one Super Bowl appearance. The Eagles fired him after the 2012 season, and he immediately joined the Chiefs.

Kansas City has not had a losing season since Reid’s arrival. The team has hosted five consecutive AFC Championship Games, reached three Super Bowls and is on the cusp of a second title in four seasons.

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