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Hurts looks sharp in new training video post-Wentz trade


With Carson Wentz gone, Jalen Hurts is now the incumbent Eagles starting quarterback, a sentence that (like many others) would've been inconceivable at this time last year.

But a fascinating part of the fallout from the Wentz trade was a rumbling that Hurts won't simply be handed the starting quarterback job for Week 1. The Eagles could bring in veteran competition, or draft a rookie either at No. 6 or in later rounds, to push Hurts heading into training camp.

I think Hurts got the message, and wanted to send one of his own.

The second-year QB isn't overly visible on social media; normally, when he makes an appearance on Twitter or Instagram, it's for a good reason. So a training video of Hurts working out down in Atlanta surfaced over the weekend, days after football analysts were discussing the future of the QB position in Philadelphia? Yeah, that feels at least a little intentional. And I like it.

For what it's worth, Hurts looked good:

Those last three throws are especially sharp, arm motion-wise, and on the money. (Not that there's any pass rush or secondary defense. But hey, a good throw is a good throw.)

If you listened to Jalen Mills talk about Hurts earlier this month, this kind of offseason work shouldn't be much of a surprise.

You can click here for the full story, but here's the gist of what Mills wanted Eagles fans to understand about the possible QB of the future:

"He was preparing himself to where, if there ever was a moment where he got into the game, he wasn't the guy who was out there to be like, 'Okay, Carson's the starter, I'm just out here to be the backup, three to four plays a game I'm going to run the read option, run the ball.' It was, 'No, I'm preparing myself to be the starting quarterback, to make all of these throws.'"

We'll see if Hurts winds up getting that shot in Week 1. If he does, it sure seems he'll be ready.

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