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Insider clarifies Carson Wentz-Deshaun Watson trade rumors


With Carson Wentz's future extremely up in the air, there are a number of reports, rumors, and rumblings floating around about what to expect in the coming days and weeks.

What to believe and what not to believe? It's all about who's saying what.

Which is why when Houston Chronicle writer John McClain jumped on Houston's Sports Radio 610 Wednesday to discuss a fleeting rumor about the Texans calling the Eagles about Carson Wentz, we had to hear what he said. McClain is the most plugged-in writer on the Texans beat, bar none. 

So let's find out what he's heard:

"610: John, what do you make of the report that the Texans were checking in on the price tag of Carson Wentz?

"MCCLAIN: Nothing to it. Nothing to it. I checked it. They haven't made any calls about other quarterbacks. No, no."

Well, that's about as clear is it gets, huh?

And then, for good measure, McClain returned to Sports Radio 610 later in the day for another hit, in which he reiterated there is nothing to these reports:

"610: How much validity is there to these reports, John?

"MCCLAIN: None whatsoever. None whatsoever. They don't call teams, teams call them. And they told everybody they're not trading Watson. Doesn't mean they won't do it eventually. I guarantee you if they did, it would not be for Carson Wentz and the Eagles. 


"Anybody said [the Texans] called the Eagles, not true. If they trade him, it would be the Jets."

Got it. Deshaun Watson is not coming to Philadelphia, and Carson Wentz is not going to Houston.

Where will Wentz land? We still don't know. It's rumored that the Eagles QB would like to end up in Indianapolis. It's also rumored that the Bears are competing with the Colts for his services. 

Will this roller coaster ever end? Who knows?

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