Philadelphia Eagles

Is this Wentz firing back at comments from Colts owner?


From the reaction in Indianapolis to Carson Wentz’s ill-fated season with the Colts, you’d think he went 0-17, kidnapped Frank Reich’s dog, and set the team owner’s car on fire in the parking lot on his way out of town.

No one has seemed to have a nice thing to say about the former Eagle regarding his 357 days in Indy. Owner Jim Irsay’s merciless comments were the talk of the NFL owners’ meetings in Florida this week.

Wednesday night, Wentz took to social media to offer his response to all the negativity being thrown his way:

In what could be a sponsored tweet, Wentz posted a handful of pictures of himself with a Bobcat front-end loader on a farm, with the caption, “Building a higher road,” with some hashtags for good measure, including #OnwardAndUpward.

You can’t really tell if the look on his face in the pictures says “I mean business” or “Why doesn’t any team want me?”

Not a lot of venom here, as far as clap-backs go, but venom isn’t really Wentz’s bag. He’s going to keep on keeping on. 

All in all, it’s another example of Wentz given an opportunity, and once again coming up short.


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