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Jenkins responds to calls for his return to Eagles' roster


Eagles great and two-time Super Bowl champion Malcolm Jenkins caused a bit of a stir online this week during an interview on the Takeoff with John Clark podcast, leaving the door slightly ajar when asked if he'd be willing to unretire if Howie Roseman picked up the phone.

Jenkins explained he was still in game shape - he's been working out and he told Clark he'd be ready to play - which likely turned some Eagles fans' heads with safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson out for a few weeks with a lacerated kidney:

"I can still play. If that's what you're asking me, John, I can still play. I'm still in shape, I'm still working out. You know, it's not far-fetched. I'm still in it. I do enjoy my seat of watching as a fan, but I could definitely come in for a stretch."

As you might imagine, Eagles fans who have lasting memories of Jenkins commanding the Birds' defense in the Super Bowl and ball-hawking all over the Linc for numerous seasons were quickly champing at the bit for Roseman to make the call and get Jenkins back in midnight green.

But on Thursday the former safety clarified his current status:

That makes sense. Jenkins signed a four-year deal with New Orleans in 2020, so this would've been the final year of the contract. Jenkins walked away from the deal, but the Saints technically would have his rights if he decided to return.

Jenkins' wink-wink eye emoji at the end does leave at least a fraction of hope on the table, but even if he agreed to a buyout with New Orleans and then signed a veteran minimum deal in Philly... it's hard to imagine the Eagles will be bringing him back. 

Gardner-Johnson's injury isn't supposed to be season-ending, and the Eagles a good enough team that they should be able to survive this setback. And while I don't doubt that Jenkins is in game shape and has been working out, the leap from not playing straight into game action is a pretty big one.

Then again, stranger things have happened and I never count Roseman out. So we will see.

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