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Justin Jefferson's draft night story will crush Eagles fans


The story of the Eagles' chaotic 2020 draft is infamous among fans at this point, and while the Jalen Hurts selection in Round 2 was the biggest surprise, the biggest disappointment might've actually been in the first round.

Howie Roseman and the Eagles' front office chose Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson at No. 21 overall, surprising nearly everyone. Reagor had an iffy rookie year while Jefferson exploded in Minnesota, cementing himself as one of the league's most exciting young wideouts.

It was not a banner move for Roseman, and to make things even worse, Jefferson said this week that he expected to be playing in midnight green last season.

In a new interview with GQ's Tyler Tynes, Jefferson was asked what it was like when the Eagles passed on him at No. 21, and his answers will infuriate Eagles fans everywhere:

"GQ: There was so much buzz around your name heading into draft night. One possibility was the Eagles. At one point, I heard that you started looking at housing in the area. You ended up falling one spot later. There was that viral video from the Vikings draft room about how excited they were to have you. What was it like to go through all of that?

"JEFFERSON: Leading up to the draft, you know, they had all of those mock drafts and people sharing their opinions on who is going to go where. A lot of people had me going to Philly. And, I thought I was going to Philly. Honestly. The funny part is, Philly was on the board and then Minnesota called me. At first, I thought it was Philly. But, I answered the phone and it was Minnesota. It’s crazy how all of that happened and everything. But, I’m definitely, definitely, definitely excited that I’m on the Vikings rather than Philly.

"GQ: Will it feel any better if you ever play Philly because you’ve become this star and they missed out?

"JEFFERSON: I’ll always treat every game the same, no matter who I’m playing. But Philly will definitely be edgier. You know, especially because they passed on me."

Welp! You can't blame the guy for having an extra edge against the Eagles, just like D.K. Metcalf before him. 

We'll see how Reagor's career plays out, but right now Jefferson absolutely would've been a better pick, and it sounds like he was on board with the idea. That's a bummer!

Who knows what happens if the Eagles pick Jefferson. Does Carson Wentz have a better season? Is he still here? Is Doug Pederson still here? Where are the Eagles picking in this year's Draft, and who are they targeting? So much would be diferent.

Instead the Eagles are still chasing an elite wide receiver talent - maybe in next week's draft.

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