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McAfee rant about new Eagles punter is music to fans' ears


If anyone in the football media knows punting, it's former Colts Pro Bowl punter and current talking head wunderkind Pat McAfee.

During Tuesday's episode of The Pat McAfee Show on YouTube, the 35-year-old punter was discussing the Eagles' signing of Brett Kern after Arryn Siposs' injury in Week 14 against the Giants.

Good news: McAfee thinks the Eagles actually just got better.

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Here's a transcription of a good chunk of the slightly NSFW rant McAfee went on about how much he loves Kern as a punter, which began roughly 43 minutes into Tuesday's show:

"[Kern] hadn't signed anywhere, and this guy is f***ing - they had a poster of this guy outside the Titans' stadium. A punter. Had a like 30-yard-by-10-yard f***ing depiction outside of the stadium, like a banner was hung because of how good he was. He ends up getting cut because they got a rookie who murders the football and is much cheaper than Brett Kern was on his contract, special teams that's gonna happen. 

"But Brett Kern potentially doing what Odell [Beckham Jr.] was doing at wide receiver and what [Hilton] might've done this year is brilliant, and I can't congratulate the Eagles enough. You got the best guy that's available. And by best guy available, I mean you're probably getting a Top 5 guy in the league immediately. I don't know how much he's been punting. He's used to dealing with wind and cold with Tennessee. [...] He is really good. If he still has it, which I assume he does, this is a massive signing for the Eagles and they just got better somehow.


"I used to try and mimic Brett Kern on a regular basis on film because he's a robot. This dude, he catches the ball same way and he has this like, it's like a shimmy, he like locks in almost and his arm locks in, boom. I actually added it into my thing because of how often and consistent he just turned the ball over. It was unbelievable to watch."

So the Eagles just added yet another stud to the roster as they chase a second Super Bowl? Sounds good to me. 

It's so wild that the Eagles are the NFL's current ring-chasing destination. They're like the Rams last season or the Golden State Warriors during their epic run: if you're a vet and you've got something left in the tank, c'mon over here and hang out with us for half a season. We'll try and get you some hardware. Crazy.

NBC Sports Philadelphia's Reuben Frank has a little more background on Kern:

"Kern, 36, began his career in 2008 with the Broncos but was released in October of 2009 and claimed by the Titans to replace former Eagle Reggie Hodges.

"He remained with Tennessee through last year, made Pro Bowls after the 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons and was a 1st-team All-Pro in 2019. He led the NFL with a 49.7 gross average in 2017.

"In 219 games, Kern has averaged 45.9 yards per punt, 17th-highest in NFL history. With four more punts, he’ll become the 26th punter in NFL history with 1,000 career attempts."

Kern will make his Eagles debut Sunday against the Bears.

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