Milton Williams has a new security guard and a memorable karaoke performance


As third-round rookie Milton Williams looks to make an impact in training camp along the defensive line, he's getting some extra security from an unlikely person: Boston Scott. BoSco, standing 5'6", is a bit of an odd security detail for the 6'3", 284-pound Williams, but it's easy to dig the Rocket Racoon and Groot vibe they have going on.

With Williams fielding questions from reporters after practice, Scott stood tall (relatively speaking) with a pair of shades on telling Williams how to respond. 

"This is my big brother. It don't look like it," Williams joked. 

Williams also discussed his karaoke performance at the Eagles rookie talent show where he performed an, uh, interesting rendition of Bootsy Collins's "I'd Rather Be With You."

Williams should be glad he was a standout defensive tackle at Louisiana Tech and not a contestant on The Voice. I'll leave it at that.

All kidding aside, it's great to see a rookie like Williams already warming up to a veteran like Scott and taking part in a goofy tradition that helps build up some camaraderie with his teammates. 

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