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Report: Foles-Eagles reunion collapsed for surprising reason


The Eagles and Nick Foles are truly the NFL's best on-again, off-again couple.

Foles, now 32 years old and heading into his second season with the Bears, has quickly become extremely expendable in Chicago as a pricey veteran on a team looking to the future at quarterback after drafting Justin Fields in the first round.

Between Fields and newly signed "QB1" Andy Dalton, the Bears don't have room for Foles on their roster or in their cap structure, so they have been looking to unload him on any willing team. 

Apparently that list of teams includes the Eagles, according to NFL Insider Tyler Dunne, who reported in a feature Tuesday that Chicago tried to deal Foles back to Philadelphia this offseason, but it fell apart because... Foles said no?

"The Bears tried cleansing their hands of the Nick Foles mistake by trading Foles back to Philly. Foles didn't want to go, one source says, so the Eagles refused to trade for a QB who wouldn't report."

Well then! I've got to admit I'm a little surprised, even if it sort of makes sense.

Foles has said over and over how much he loves Philadelphia and how much he's loved his time living here, so my first thought would be, 'Of course Nick wants to come back and play here again!'

There were rumblings back in February about Foles to Philly, and at the time it made perfect sense. He's a high-value guy in the locker room because he's been around the league, he's got tons of experience in all sorts of situations, and he also knows the city and the organization. What a valuable dude to have in the QB room with Jalen Hurts.

But then I thought about it a little more.

I'd imagine the way things shook out with Carson Wentz, and Foles knowing that he'll always be a lightning rod in Philadelphia, factored into his decision. He likely didn't want to put that kind of pressure on Jalen Hurts and dredge up another unpleasant potential quarterback controversy.

Plus, there's something to be said for going out (basically) on top. Sure, Foles made another un in 2018 and didn't reach the Super Bowl that time - though not for lack of trying. But his second time around in Philly was enough for him to reach immortal legend status, and I can't imagine he's champing at the bit to come back and endanger any of that good will he's built up with the city.

So, ultimately, would it have been cool to see Foles return? Eh, kind of. And will it be neat if he chooses to retire an Eagle one day at the Linc? Absolutely. 

But this reunion wasn't meant to be, and we're all probably better for it.

Now the Eagles have Joe Flacco as their backup quarterback, a guy absolutely no one in the city will be clamoring to watch after Hurts' inevitable first bad game of the season.

Here's hoping Foles winds up somewhere he and his family are happy.

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