Sanders gets an Adam Sandler shoutout after Waterboy impression


After delivering a key lead block early in the third quarter on Sunday afternoon, Miles Sanders was as animated as we’ve ever seen him.

In a career afternoon, when he passed the 1,000-yard threshold for the first time in his career, he was seemingly more excited about delivering this block for Jalen Hurts.

So I asked him why after the game.

"Ah man,” Sanders said. “I had a plan to yell like the Waterboy because I was mic’d up today and I hope y’all hear it. That’s exactly what went on."

OK, fair enough.

If you haven’t seen The Waterboy, what are you doing? Stop reading this. Go watch The Waterboy.

The 1998 Adam Sandler flick is a classic and Sanders sounded a lot like Bobby Boucher when he landed his block for Mr. Coach Klein … err … Nick Sirianni.

We know this because the Eagles released the video on Monday evening. … And even Sandler himself had to give Sanders a shoutout.

Just the latest fun moment in the Eagles’ 12-1 season. Sanders, by the way, is up to 1,068 yards and 11 touchdowns and counting in his career year. And he’s also improved quite a bit as a blocker as he showed in this big win.

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