The USFL's Philadelphia Stars unveil their 2022 uniforms


In case you hadn’t heard, a new-old football league is getting a re-boot in 2022. The USFL, which back in the 1980s tried unsuccessfully to compete with the NFL and lasted just three seasons, is now back.

While there’s no legal connection between USFL-then and USFL-now, the eight teams in the current version have identical names and locations to eight of the teams that played nearly 40 years ago, including the Philadelphia Stars.

Thursday the Stars revealed their uniforms for their inaugural season.

While the color scheme is very similar to the 80s version of the Stars, I really like the updated look.

The helmets, gold back in the day, are now yellow with a strong-looking center stripe, which matches the side paneling on both the home and road jerseys and game pants.

I love the look of the red home jerseys, with gold numbers trimmed in white. Don’t like the colors? Tough. As mentioned, all the teams in the USFL are using the same names and colors as their respective teams from the original iteration of the league.

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These uniforms harken back memories of the short-lived original Stars. Chuck Fusina, Scott Fitzkee, Brad and Bart Oates, Kelvin Bryant, and Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker Sam Mills. And I can’t wait.

The 2022 USFL season is set to begin April 16th.

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