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Wentz unveils jersey number with neat gesture for Eagles fan


The Eagles' Carson Wentz trade will become official on Wednesday when the NFL's new league year begins, making Wentz the face of the Indianapolis Colts' franchise heading into 2021.

For some ardent Wentz fans, moving on from his time in Philly has bene a bit tough after he built up so much good will in the area over his five years here.

One of those fans, Eagles superfan Giovanni Hamilton, regularly sends messages to his other favorite players on Twitter, and particularly to Wentz, whom Gio considers a hero. (The two shared an instantly iconic and heartwarming moment at training camp in 2019.)

On Wednesday, just as the trade news is set to become official, Gio posted a pair of photos on Twitter featuring an incredible gift from Wentz and the Colts:

Yeah, that's awesome. It doesn't matter what you think of the way Wentz played last year, or if you're mad at him for forcing his way out of Philadelphia. The guy clearly connected with people in this city, and when he goes out of his way to make this kind of gesture for someone as awesome and dedicated as Gio, you've got to applaud it. Major props to Carson and the Colts.

Also, while we're here... is that Wentz's new jersey number? 

We learned that Colts wideout Michael Pittman Jr. wouldn't be surrendering the No. 11 to Wentz, so a new number was around the corner. I'd imagine Wentz's explanation for choosing No. 2 will be two-fold: one plus one is two, and it's his second stop in the NFL, so he's wearing No. 2 as a page-turning exercise.

But it is kind of hilarious that he'll be wearing the same number as Jalen Hurts, who usurped Wentz on the depth chart at the end of last season.

What a world. Here's hoping Wentz figures things out in Indy, because he a good guy.

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