Watching Doug Pederson talk about everything that made the ‘Philly Special' possible is a joy


When talking about certain criteria such as big-game significance, creativitiy, and flat-out cojones, it's easy to argue the "Philly Special" is the greatest play in Philadelphia sports history.

As such, we'll talk about it for the rest of our lives. The mic'd up footage of Nick Foles casually suggesting the play to Doug Pederson and the coach's chill, matter-of-fact response took the play to another level.

It's the legendary kind of stuff like that that makes sports so darn fun.

The Eagles shared yet another awesome video about the "Philly Special" that includes Pederson sitting down with Eagles' great and film guru Ron Jaworski along with Brian Baldinger. 

"The timeout gave us time to kind of step back and think," Doug says. "Nick runs over to me and just says, 'Hey, Philly Philly.' And I go, 'Yeah. I kind of like it. Makes sense. Let's do it.'"

Doug goes on to talk about how the play was even available to run on 4th down in the Super Bowl. That was thanks to Press Taylor. You can read more on that here.

Pederson gives Foles a ton of credit for executing the play wonderfully and truly selling it. It's the way he describes Trey Burton's throw that is most memorable.

"Trey makes a beautiful throw. The reason Trey is in that position, he's a former quarterback in high school, a baseball player at Florida. He knows how to throw the football. He does a great job with what I call a 'butterfly with sore feet.' Just kind of floats one out there."

"The rest is history as they say."

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