NHL playoff odds: Flyers have best Stanley Cup odds for second consecutive week


From the last time a playoff odds post had been written, the Flyers still haven’t lost a game.

*knocks on wood*

The Flyers keep trending in the right direction with their season-best nine-game winning streak and the rest of the NHL has certainly taken notice.

This is the second consecutive Monday (March 9) in which the Flyers started off the week with the best odds to win the Stanley Cup, according to Moneypuck.com.

Now, they did drop from 12.7 percent to a whopping 12.6 percent, but there’s still no room for complaints here.

If anything, it’s important to note a few of the other top teams in the East and how different things look for them after another seven days.

On March 2, the Bruins’ odds were at 9 percent to win the cup. This was the second best in the East at the time, just below the Flyers. Their odds have dropped quite a bit, now sitting at 6.9 percent. It goes to show how quickly things can change in the NHL.

The Lightning have had a slight increase in their odds, moving from 7.4 percent to 8.8 percent.

Coming in at third in the East are the Capitals. Within the week, their odds have increased from 8 percent to 8.4 percent. This could mainly be because of their most recent win on Saturday over the Penguins, since their back-to-back games against the Flyers and Rangers both resulted in losses.

Now, just how reliable is this model? Let’s take a look at last season’s model at this point in the season:

The Blues had the second-best odds in the West and third-best overall to win the Cup. Only the Sharks and Lightning had better odds at the time.

What’s the biggest takeaway from comparing the two models a year apart?

This time last year the Flyers had a 4.36 percent chance to make the playoffs. Their chances now sit at an impressive 99.5 percent. Not too shabby.

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