Serena Williams ‘evolving away' means no work before 10 a.m.


For the first time, Serena Williams will get to march to the beat of her own drum as she says goodbye to her legendary tennis career.

Williams said on Monday that part of “exploring her freedom” was having a no-work policy before 10 a.m. The 40-year-old was presenting her clothing line S by Serena and jewelry line Serena Williams Jewelry at Spring Studios in New York City.

“My whole thing is I generally don’t like to work before 10,” Williams said. “In fact, this is the first day I woke up before 10.”

The presentation took place at the inaugural Glam Slam event, a collaboration between Spring Studios and IMG that began on Sept. 8. The experience featured a mix of tennis and fashion with a majority of the festivities taking place during New York Fashion Week and the U.S. Open. The tennis Grand Slam concluded on Sunday while NYFW runs through Wednesday, Sept. 14. 

“All I have done is work literally my whole life,” Williams added. “In fact, this is the first day I woke up before 10 [since retirement].”

Williams announced she is “evolving away” from tennis in August and said continuing to build her family was a big contributor to the decision. She also said she would like to explore her other passions.

“I’ve been into fashion for so long,” Williams said. “Most of my line has been dedicated to tennis and I’ve never been able to fully focus on things I have such a passion for.”

In fact, Williams attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to study fashion design from 2000-2003 before starting her own brand, S by Serena.

Williams said her lines are created to help individuals “love themselves, inspire themselves and treat themselves,” something the tennis legend hasn’t been able to do much of lately. 

“I have not treated myself lately,” Williams said. “If you’re a mom, you get so busy… there’s so many things that don’t matter anymore. I’m kind of in that still like I don’t need anything so even people like me always forget to look after me and myself.”

In attendance at the fashion event was her daughter, Olympia, who was wearing a matching heart necklace with her mother.

Williams reflected on an adorable moment that the duo had experienced when discussing how she comes up with her clothing designs. 

“Sometimes I’ll say ‘Which color do you like better? Which dress do you like better?’ and she’ll say ‘That one!’ Williams recollected. “I’m not sure if she’s just pointing at one to play games after that or if she’s serious.”

Olympia, who was sitting on her aunt Isha Williams’ lap, turned around and covered her eyes to express her embarrassment and shyness at the moment. 

Williams competed in the last U.S. Open of her career, reaching the third round before falling to Australia’s Ajla Tomljanovic.

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