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Who did Rob McElhenney have his catch with — Harper or Utley? Both (in the best way)

A ceremonial double play?! A ceremonial double play.

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Last week, we were gifted one of the best promo videos of all time.

Not just with the Phillies. Not just in sports. All. Time.

Chase Utley, Bryce Harper and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" star, Rob McElhenney, joined forces to create a piece of content that will be referenced across the Delaware Valley for years to come.

We were left with a cliff-hanger, though.

Who would McElhenney have his catch with in London?

Harper or Utley?

Well, we finally got our answer.

The Phillies are considered the home team Sunday against the Mets, so all pregame festivities were curated toward Philadelphia — including the first pitch.

"I could get up and perform, or give a speech, or talk to large amounts of people but anything athletic, I'm always terrified. I'm not the most athletic person," McElhenney said pregame. "So, just go out there and do my best and hope I don't embarrass myself."

It seems safe to say they all did the moment justice ... with the first-ever ceremonial double play (yes, you read that right).

The ball was fed to McElhenney, who flipped it to Utley and then turned to Harper.

It was absolutely perfect.

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