Area man no longer supports NJ Gov. Chris Christie's politics due to his Cowboys fandom


This is a tale of a sports radio caller on The 94 WIP Morning Show, the Republican Governor of New Jersey, and his Cowboys fandom.

Nothing quite captures the local zeitgeist like sports and politics colliding on talk radio. That's where Chris Christie was a guest of Angelo Cataldi this morning.

As you may or may not be aware of, the Gov. is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, a team not from his state of New Jersey, which some may consider a front-runner mentality. From the Asbury Park Press' blog:

“The only person I was a bigger fan of than the (Philadelphia) Eagles was Chris Christie until his affiliation with the Cowboys,” said John from Hammonton. “You have lost my support for the governor and, if you run for president, for president.”

“I completely understand,” Christie said, before complaining that the Eagles kept his Cowboys out of the playoffs last season. “You’ve caused me enough pain, you’re (not going to) give me your vote, too?”

The fact that Christie "completely understands" is the best part.

Check out the link below for the full political battle of wits.

>>Chris Christie tangles with an Eagles fan [APP]



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