Let's Analyze Flyers 7th Round Pick Derek ‘The Marshall' Mathers by Watching All These Fight Videos


One of the first things we do after a major North American sport holds its draft is check out youtubes of the youngins that the Philly teams selected. Every year, it gets a little easier to find good footage of the guys we've only seen a few times or, let's be honest, never heard of before draft day. This is particularly true for the NHL draft, which largely draws from well-established leagues outside US borders and includes kids barely old enough to shave.

Some players have more electronic ink than others, but similar to their NHL brethren, the best ways for junior players to make it to the esteemed youtube stage are to either score an amazing goal or get in any kind of fight whatsoever. This being the case, there's a relative ton of footage on Flyers' seventh round pick Derek "the Marshall" Mathers.*

So by all means, let's "analyze the pick," shall we?

OK that's about enough. There actually are quite a few more if you're interested. But something tells me these scraps may have had something to do with the Flyers' decision to draft the 6'3", 230-lb forward out of Ontario.

According to HockeyFights.com, Mathers fought 27 times in his first OHL season. A search for "Derek Mathers goal" on youtube yielded this:

Search results for derek mathers goal
About 2 results

Neither result contained footage of a Mathers goal. Welcome aboard, Derek.

*you better gimme a stick tap if this guy makes the club and you make a T-shirt.

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