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How Jordan Davis gave Jalen Carter a Georgia flashback vs. Bills

Jalen Carter has seen Jordan Davis chase down quarterbacks before so Sunday wasn't a shocker.

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Jalen Carter had seen it before.

While a lot of the football world marveled at Jordan Davis’s ability to chase down a sprinting Josh Allen on Sunday at the Linc in the Eagles 37-34 overtime win, Carter wasn’t shocked.

These two guys were teammates at Georgia and now they’re teammates in the NFL. Carter knows how fast Davis is and, heck, he’s seen him do it before.

“Oh yeah, it felt like old times, man,” Carter said on Thursday. “Especially when I seen him running down Josh Allen, man, get him out of bounds. I was like, ‘I remember that UAB play in college.’ He ran down their QB. It just brings back memories.”

That play against UAB became pretty well-known during the pre-draft process that year when Davis chased down quarterback Tyler Johnston III, who weighed well over 100 pounds less than him.

How many times has Carter seen Davis chase down a quarterback like that?

“Ooh, I can’t remember,” Carter said. “I can’t count on my fingers but I know he did it before so that’s all that matters.”

What made Sunday’s play against Josh Allen so impressive was that the 336-pound Davis reached nearly 17 mph and did it in overtime on his 62nd and final play. That’s by far the most snaps he’s played in any game during his NFL career.

“At the time, I didn’t know (how fast I was going),” Davis said. “Just to be around him, I’m glad he didn’t leave me. It was like a now or never moment. I didn’t see anybody out of my peripheral. It was just me and him. I try to get off the field as fast as we can. That was the only way I could do it. I’ll try to move faster next time if I can.

“I was gassed though. I just laid there. I had to take a little break. I think the whole defense needed that one. It’s just part of the game. Obviously, everybody knew I was fast naturally but it’s part of the game.”

Since entering the NFL as a first-round pick last season, Davis has worked hard on his conditioning and that showed up on that huge play to slow down Allen and change his trajectory.

Plenty of players, especially linemen, took notice of that play.

“Anytime a big guy is moving fast, it demands attention,” Davis said. “I was on the sideline, they were like, ‘You’re too big to be moving that fast.’ I was like, ‘Well, proof is in the pudding.’ Man, I gotta chase a dog at home. Of course I’m going to be fast.”

Shout out to Izzy, the pit-terrier.

Of course, that one play wasn’t the only reason it felt like old times for Carter and Davis on Sunday against the Bills. Because of injuries to Milton Williams and Fletcher Cox, the two Georgia teammates played an awful lot together again.

This week, Williams is expected back from his concussion but Cox is in danger of missing the 49ers game with a groin injury. So we’ll get another glimpse into the future with Carter and Davis lining up next to each other again.

While Davis played 62 defensive snaps against the Bills, Carter played an incredible 76. After rotating with guys like Davis, Devonte Wyatt, Travon Walker and more at Georgia, Carter is used to being in a healthy rotation. But he still said he felt pretty good after all those snaps.

Ahh, to be young.

“I feel good,” Carter said. “I really didn’t know how many snaps I played until after the game. But if I gotta play that many snaps, I’m gonna do that.”

Carter is having a tremendous rookie season and is the favorite to win Defensive Rookie of the Year. While his sack numbers have tapered off a bit, he’s been just as disruptive in recent weeks and he’s doing everything from penetrating as a pass rusher, stuffing the run and even blocking field goals.

But Carter had to give Davis his props.

“JD is fast,” Carter said. “I really think right now he might be faster than me. I think he is faster than me. That boy fast.”

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