Washington stadium pours gross unidentified liquid on fans


There have been plenty of times over the past couple decades to say the NFL franchise in Washington is in the toilet, but on Sunday that description took on a whole new meaning.

As the Washington Football Team hosted the Chargers down in our nation's capital in a Week 1 matchup, Washington's fans were suddenly and unexpectedly hit with a deluge of what appeared to be raw sewage in the stands.

It was an absolute sight to behold as the liquid rained down from an overhang at FedEx Field: 

Folks... that is straight-up gross.

Some highlights from this fan-filmed clip for me:

0:01: "That's sewage."

0:08: "That's how we celebrate!"

0:09: The poor guy in the yellow shirt trying to evade the splash zone

0:25-0:31: The wide sweep to show just how many people are watching toilet water rain down upon them

I don't know much about omens, but I can't imagine this is a good sign for a football team that was picked by some to be a bit of a dark horse in the NFC.


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